About us

Lighthouse Counselling Services in Winnipeg, Manitoba provides Christian counselling to individuals, families, couples, and children. We offer counselling for a wide range of psychological issues including depression, anxiety disorders, addictions, unforgiveness, shame, guilt, and low self-esteem. 

Lighthouse Counselling Services gives clients a chance to express their worries and concerns in a safe, supportive, and comfortable environment.

Lighthouse counselling services was founded in 2010 with the intension to provide clients counselling from a Godly perspective. As the light guides the ship to safety, we believe the light of God guides us back to the path and destiny God has for us (Psalm 119 v 105).

Not only does Lighthouse counselling offer counselling from a Godly perspective, your counsellor Margriet Stoffman (BSc, MA), believes counselling should be accessible to everyone. Therefore she uses a sliding scale fee instead of a fixed rate. She does not turn anyone away!

Margriet is dedicated to the Lord and her clients. She strives to make the counselling process comfortable yet challenging. She helps clients make the changes they need to make to move forward in their lives.